What is TooRcon?

TooRcon is a comprehensive three day computer security extravaganza feauturing lectures from some of the top experts in the field, hands-on demonstrations of the newest approaches to computer security, a competitive game called RootWars which tests your penetration and defensive skills in a real-time simulation. TooRcon also features raffles for collector items and brand new equipment alike, and of course three days of enjoyment!

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Where is TooRcon?

TooRcon will be September 1st-3rd 2000 at the San Diego Concourse on 202 C Street, San Diego, CA 92101. Directions to the Concourse is available on the location page.

Keynote speaker announced:

TooRcon is proud to announce our keynote speaker for TooRcon 2000. He is Simple Nomad of Nomad Mobile Research Centre. You can find a link to a short biography on him and a link to NMRC on the Lectures Listing page.

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Update! The lectures listing is now complete!
Update! TooRcon pre-registration has opened!
Brand New! TooRcon has opened an IRC channel, join us on Efnet at #TooRcon!


Who is TooRcon?

TooRcon is sponsored by a variety of leaders in the computer industry. San Diego's annual convention grew from what was an idea of some participants at San Diego 2600 into a worldwide organization, with contributors and sponsors from all over the globe. TooRcon is an effort to instruct and enlighten on the need for computer security and to illustrate methods to obtain that security.

Organizations who would like to contribute to the success of TooRcon can either financially support us by visiting the sponsor page, or if you have a service you can bring to enhance the experience of participants at our convention you can email the chairman.

Official Sponsors Of TooRcon 2000:

San Diego 2600 - The home of San Diego's hacker community
Nightfall Security Group - Your Choice for Complete Security Auditing
OSALL Network - Computer Security News & Information
Nomad Mobile Research Centre - Enlightening the World
Network Security Wizards - Home of the Dragon Intrusion Detection System
Phrack Magazine - Leading the eZines in the Hacker Revolution

TooRcon '99 News

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TooRcon 2000 News

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How much is TooRcon?

Admission is $40 at the door and $30 in advance. Visit the registration page for more details.

Information For RootWars:

RootWars is a competitive game which tests your penetration and defense skills. The neccesary equipment to bring is:
  • Computer (laptop or desktop), server or regular workstation
  • Power extensions
  • Network Cable
  • Network auditing software
  • 10mbit NIC
  • Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse (I shouldn't have to remind you about these) :)
  • Yourself

  • -=-